Mansfield State High School

Mansfield State High School Sports Centre

Best Reference: 149 Ham Rd, Mansfield (4122)

Entry is along Ham Rd, there is a small access road opposite to 149 Ham Rd.

 - Entrance to carpark is just before the pedestrian crossing on the right (when coming from Broadwater Rd).

Sleeman Sports Complex

Sleeman Sports Complex - Chandler Arena

Best Reference: Sleeman Sports Complex

Entry is along via Ring Rd. Best parking is at P3 for Chandler Arena. Access to the venue can be found by following the red line on the map (see below).


 - From P3, take the path, next to the sign, (you should see the Outdoor Velodrome on your left) you should find yourself facing the Arena

 - From there, past the pedestrian crossing, take a left, you should see a path to the left for court access.