Season 1 - 2019

Mens Division

 - Brisbane Spikers

 - Dragons Patriots

 - Dragons Rebels

 - D.V.A.S.

 - Just the Tip

 - Metro League's Finest

 - QUT

 - QUT Tigers

 - Red Eyes Black Dragon

 - Tridents Teal

Womens Division

 - Ausghan Stars

 - Brisbane Heats

 - Dragons

 - How I Set Your Mother

 - Just Veg

 - QUT Cobras

 - QUT Tacos


 - Tridents Teal

 - Tridents White

Final Standings

Mens Division 1 

Gold:           Brisbane Spikers

Silver:        D.V.A.S.

Bronze:     Red Eyes Black Dragon

MVP:           Dylan McIntosh


Womens Division 1 

Gold:           Ausghan Stars

Silver:        Just Veg

Bronze:     Tridents Teal

MVP:           Sharon Williams

                      (Just Veg)

Mens Division 2 

Gold:           Dragons Rebels

Silver:        Dragons Patriots

Bronze:     Tridents Teal

MVP:           Stefan Herholdt

                      (Tridents Teal)

Womens Division 2 

Gold:           QUT Tacos

Silver:        QUTIES

Bronze:     Tridents White

MVP:           Josephine Gehrke

                      (QUT Tacos)

Congratulations to everyone and thank you for your support

We rise from the Ashes


Proudly presented by Easts Volleyball Club and Dragons Volleyball Association

The Phoenix League - Risen from the Ashes