2021 Phoenix League - Season 2

Competition Format

Monday Nights - 6:30pm / 7:40pm / 8:50pm

17 May 2021  -  9 August 2021

Best-of-5-set matches played to time

(60 minute game/10 minute warmup)


Mansfield State High School

Entry on Ham Rd


Mens: Division 1 / Division 2

Womens: Division 1 / Division 2

Costs per Team

Opens Teams: $70.00 per team

                                ($900.00 per season)

Junior Teams : $60.00 per team

                                ($780.00 per season)

(Cost refers to junior teams playing in The Phoenix League Opens Divisions - All players on junior teams must be under 19 years old)

A $200.00 deposit will be due prior to the start of Round 2, full fees are due by Round 4.

  -  Team withdrawals after the close of nominations will still be required to pay 50% of the nomination cost.

Nominations Close: 13 May 2021

The Phoenix League is back!

The next season of Phoenix League is set to start in less than a week, however, several changes have been made in order to remain compliant with the new COVID Safety Measures released by Queensland Health.

New measures have been put in place in order to abide by new COVID regulations set by Easts and Dragons.

Changes from 2020:

    -  Matches scheduled for 6:30pm, 7:40pm, and 8:50pm for all courts


Proudly presented by Easts Volleyball Club and Dragons Volleyball Association

The Phoenix League - Risen from the Ashes